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Our New Club was conceived by the founder members, the late Shri R.G.Sule, Shri K.R.Koshti and Shri B.M.Gokuldas was back in the year 1918. The birth of the club was in the form of an unregistered association of members somewhere in March 1918.

On the 4th day of September 1948, The New Club (Poona) Ltd was incorporated amidst celebrations of New born India.

From 1918 to 1948, the Club had seen many ups and downs. Post 1948 till date the club has made a steady all round progress. However from 1948 to 1993, the club was in a state of LIMBO.

The real transformation started from 1993 onwards. A sudden realization towards name and fame and be counted among the elite clubs of Pune, forced the then Managing Committee and the successive Managing Committees to bring about positive structural changes and also a change of mindset. A new crop of Managing Committee members, brought along with fresh ideas of development.